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Joey Ryan and The Inks

Young Afternoon

Release Date May 6, 2016
Produced and engineered by Ryan Mach & Joey Ryan
Mixed by Ryan Mach
Mastered by Dave Gardner (Magneto Mastering)

*Album contains a download card that has a special bonus track only available with vinyl purchase.

Young Afternoon

Joey Ryan & The Inks have been refining their classic pop sound for nearly a decade and Young Afternoon, the band’s 4th studio release, finds itself in a space where familiar feels new. Perhaps their most introspective offering to date, the 12 tracks feature the craftsmanship and easy spirit that have become The Inks’ hallmark, but with a new sense of maturity and exploration.

Over two years in the making, Young Afternoon spanned a period in which band members welcomed several new additions to their families. While the responsibilities of marriage and fatherhood made already precious recording time even more difficult to come by, they also provided the band with some rich new experiences to draw from. This new lens brought further lyrical maturity, without sacrificing the joy found in their soaring harmonies and intricately textured instrumentation.

Musically, The Inks stay true to their “sunny melancholy” vibe on Young Afternoon, but also explore some fresh terrain (Minnesota Public Radio). Seemingly disparate reference points, like the psychedelic rock of Tame Impala and the jangly pop melodies of an early Kinks record, somehow come together in a way that feels natural. Joey’s vocals have a distinct clarity and sincerity on this record and the musicianship is especially crisp throughout, having been honed over the past 8+ years and countless hours spent rehearsing, performing and recording.  

Interview with “Rift Magazine” –

“A record that couldn’t have happened any other way”: Joey Ryan & The Inks on the Making ofYoung Afternoon”.

recorded at the dickson family cabin & dennis lane studios
all songs written by joey ryan except tracks 8 (c. mitchell & ryan), 10 (m. mitchell & ryan) & 11 (c. mitchell)
string arrangements by joey ryan, leah ottman & hillary james
horn arrangements by joey ryan, paul fonfara, jb mcclain & spencer roth
violin (tracks 4,5,6,12) leah ottman
cello (tracks 4, 5, 12) hillary james
tenor saxophone (tracks 1, 10) paul fonfara
trombone (tracks 1, 10) jb mcclain
trumpet (tracks 1, 10) spencer roth
cover art & design by joey & kate ryan


[pause​.​] 2013
Dennis Lane 2011
Well, Here We Are Then 2009
Young Afternoon 2016

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