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Joey Ryan and The Inks

Dennis Lane

Recorded July, 2011
Recorded and produced by Joey Ryan & The Inks
Mixed by Ryan Mach
Mastered by Dave Gardner (Magneto Mastering)

Joey Ryan & The Inks fused a penchant for breezy West Coast pop with their Midwestern roots, drawing comparison to some of the best of both worlds in the process (Isthmus). ‘Dennis Lane,’ (titled after Joey’s basement where the band does most of their recording) The Inks’ second recording effort was self released in July, 2011 and was voted #1 Minnesota release of 2011 by the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Several songs from the album have received national CMJ airplay and have been featured on local radio station 89.3 The Current.


• Dennis Lane #1 album of 2011 in St. Paul Pioneer Press

“Beneath its pleasant exterior, the music of Joey Ryan & The Inks is a study in contrasts: sunny California vibes with earthy Midwestern roots; hummable melodies with a tinge of melancholy.” – 89.3 The Current/ Minnesota Public Radio.

“Songs that recall the melodic spirit of the Beach Boys, the Byrds and the Beatles. There’s such a casual ease in what these guys do, they make elegance feel nearly effortless.” – St. Paul Pioneer Press

“Extremely catchy and well-crafted, Ryan’s band does pop-rock as well as anybody playing today.” – When You Motor Away

“We can safely say that ‘Joey Ryan & The Inks’ is one of the best pop bands ever.  And we’d be willing to bet others are going to feel the exact same way”. – babysue

“Remarkably easy on the ears. Built using the same bubblegum-classic-pop-meets-imagistic-melancholic-heartache template as the band’s debut, Dennis Lane is such an infectiously catchy album that it takes multiple spins for the urge to head-bob to subside long enough for the careful craftsmanship to become apparent. Many of the primary musical ingredients are instantly familiar—fun-loving Thin Lizzy-ish guitar-monies, a bit of barbershop-quartet backing vocal action, spritely Summerteeth-ish keyboard runs—but they’re cooked up in a distinctive manner that ultimately constitutes a refreshingly idiosyncratic pop platter.” – City Pages


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